All of my stories are fairly light and very sexy. When I delve in to D/s I tend to write sugar kink. I write across sexualities - heterosexual, gay, lesbian and poly/menage. The majority of my stories are paranormal or contemporary, although I have written one historical and a couple of futuristic stories.


If you read a story of mine and love it (or even just like it) please leave a review where you purchased it from. It is an unfortunate fact of today's bounty of authors, that authors need reviews ...


UPDATE: The story Broken Wings is incredibly different than my normal stories - it is darker because it delves into PTSD. Due of this, and the fact the rest of the stories in the series are going to be as intense, if not more so, I am re-releasing it under a different pen name - Houston Michaels.


Visit the Houston Michaels website for more information about Broken Wings and the rest of the guys in the Phoenix Reborn support group.

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