Parallel Lives

What if your world changed in an instant ... but it wasn't really your world?


Although I only have the one story written at this time, I do have a couple of others started and sitting on the back burner.  I would like to revisit this world eventually - I think it is kind of cool to explore a parallel reality.

Parallel Attraction

Anna-Marie Dallas is having a bad day. She's in a hostage situation where the odds aren't in her favor. When the gunman detonates the bomb he's been threatening, her fears are realized--she' s going to die.


Instead of waking up in the hereafter, she finds herself in a parallel reality, that split off sometime during the second world war. In the alternate universe, a third world war decimated their population, and they're struggling to rebuild. Adjusting to the shift in reality, Anna-Marie also struggles with her growing attraction to Sean Brent, and finds that her life is not done changing.


Word Count: Novelette


Parallel Attraction was previously released with Phaze.



"Michelle Houston crafts this tale well. It's almost like a hopeful "what if" scenario as well as a love story. What if a third world war wiped out over ninety per cent of the population? Would it be a world like she paints where people have learned from their mistakes and seem calmer, more able to be cognizant of how actions in the present can shape the future? For Anna-Marie it seems to be a world where she can finally let herself feel and show emotion rather than hiding behind numbers and formulas. Ms. Houston builds a sweet sense of the possibilities that may result from the world destroying itself and starting over again." ~ The Romance Studio


"Alex and Anna-Marie prove that love can be found when you least expect it in Parallel Attraction. The couple has nothing to lose and a lifetime of happiness to gain. Michelle Houston has created characters resembling the boy/girl next door with a bit of erotic heat. I would love to see more stories developed about this parallel realm. Wonderful story Michelle!" ~ Literary Nymphs


"Parallel Attraction has a science fiction / alternate reality background, but it serves mostly as that--background. The action is simple, the story progresses with sureness through the initial threat, and the adjustment to a new reality, to reach a satisfying conclusion. While it doesn't deliver any great surprises, it does provide the reader with an entertaining and enjoyable tale inhabited by warm, likeable people." ~ Manic Readers Reviews


"Parallel Attraction is a captivating science-fiction romance. Science fiction is one of my favorite genres. I was drawn into this story from the very first page. This story is interesting and hot but it also made me think. I enjoyed this novel a lot and I hope there is a sequel." ~ Coffeetime Romance Reviews


"This book starts with a bang ... I enjoyed the love story as it developed. It is a simple but sweet story of two lonely people who cross universes to find each other." ~ Whipped Cream Reviews